“Take up arms to wage jihad” against Ethiopia, al Shabaab spokesperson

A few days after the publication of the weekly update by Critical Threats (CT) on January 4, news began circulating about a UN helicopter being captured by al-Shabaab. The update warned that the tension between Ethiopia and Somalia, created by the port deal, may energize al-Shabaab: “the port deal has severely strained Somali-Ethiopian relations and […]

Geopolitics Of Ethiopia’s Port Deal

Security agents killed in central Somalia roadside bomb attack

Al Jazeera | Police say Abdirashid Abdunur, intelligence chief for Dhusamareeb town, was killed in the blast claimed by al-Shabab. A roadside bomb went off just outside the central Somalia town of Dhusamareeb on Sunday, killing 12 agents working for the National Intelligence and Security Agency, police said. Those killed included Abdirashid Abdunur, the head […]

Somalia’s opposition cease recognising president as election row escalates

MOGADISHU (Reuters) – An alliance of Somali opposition parties proposed the creation of a national council of lawmakers, opposition leaders and civil society to govern the Horn of Africa nation after the president’s term expired on Monday with no clear succession plan. The power vacuum and divisions between political leaders was a boost to the […]