The Ethiopian army’s offensive is fierce, and the Russian observers are very emotional: so many advanced Eastern weapons

NetEase | According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on January 21, the Ethiopian army’s offensive was very fierce. Russian observers were very impressed by the fact that so many advanced Eastern weapons appeared. Ethiopia has been facing internal and external troubles recently. Since November last year, the domestic situation in Ethiopia has been […]

05/01/2021 News and Commentary

Ethiopia in Crisis Ethiopia’s total debt reached 51% of its GDP Ethiopia’s total domestic and foreign debt has reached 54.7 billion US Dollar (2.01 trillion birr)  (50.8 percent of the country’s GDP), according to a recent government debt statement. Source: Reporter  Desert outbreak in Ethiopia caused 356, 286 metric tonnes of cereal loss In a […]

Geopolitical dynamics in the Horn of Africa

An Emboldened Horn of Africa Axis and an Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis Await the Biden Administration By Guled Ahmed | Middle East Institute Summary The Biden Administration is set to face a series of challenges in the Horn of Africa. Given growing Russian and Chinese involvement in this strategically important region, U.S. policymakers should be attuned to […]

Russia counts on gradual stabilization of the situation in Ethiopia

MOSCOW | TASS | The Russian Foreign Ministry also reaffirmed Russia’s adherence to the principles of respect for state sovereignty and respect for the territorial integrity of the republic. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in a conversation on Wednesday with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen, expressed the hope that the […]

Russia Opening Major Military Base in Sudan

Source: Military Watch Magazine The announcement of plans for the establishment of a Russian naval base on Sudan’s east coast, which has reportedly been under consideration since 2017 but is thought to have been delayed by a Western backed coup in the African country in April 2019, has given are grounds for speculation that Russia could be […]

Russia Planning Major Naval Base in Sudan

Source: Military Watch Magazine New Facility to Service Nuclear Assets The Russian Defence Ministry is planning to build a naval base on Sudan’s east coast, which would provide the Navy with its second overseas facility after the one on Syria’s  Tartus following the closure of bases in Cuba and Vietnam. The facility was referred to as […]