Iran denies plotting to attack UAE embassy in Ethiopia

MEMO | Iran has categorically rejected the allegation contained in a New York Times report that it is planning to attack the UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa. The denial was issued by the Iranian Embassy in the Ethiopian capital. “Neither Ethiopia nor the United Arab Emirates have spoken about Iran’s involvement in these issues,” said […]

Ethiopia hires lobbying help amid dual threats from Egypt, human rights critics

Foreign Lobby | Ethiopia has hired a new lobbying firm for outreach to Congress and the Joe Biden administration as the country battles a diplomatic crisis with Egypt and ethnic strife at home. The Ethiopian Embassy in Washington signed a $35,000-per-month contract with DC-based law firm Venable on Feb. 1. The contract is for an initial three months but can […]

Finding a Path to Peace in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region War has devastated Ethiopia’s northernmost region.

International Crisis Group | Pending comprehensive national dialogue, Addis Ababa should ease Tigray’s immediate predicament, engaging elements of the authorities it unseated to govern the area and ensure that aid reaches the millions in need. What’s new? After weeks of fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, federal troops removed the regional government and declared victory. Yet […]

Conflict in Tigray: Implications for Ethiopia’s International Standing

Charged Affairs | Since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assumed office in April 2018, experts have optimistically predicted the country’s emergence as a regional power. Factors such as a large population, rapid economic growth, and a reform-minded head of government seemed to support this proposition, until recent instability in federal relations threatened an upset to Ethiopia’s […]

Five Steps the Biden Administration Needs to Take on the Crisis in Tigray

Just Security | The unfolding crisis in northern Ethiopia bears all the hallmarks of a human rights and humanitarian catastrophe. Since November, more than 6 million people have been trapped between the guns of Ethiopia’s military forces, marauding Eritrean troops, Amharan militia, and the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The vast majority are now in […]

US pledges support for Ethiopia’s reforms

MEMO | US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced his government’s continued assistance to Ethiopia’s ongoing reform measures, Anadolu Agency reports. After a phone call with Blinken on Friday, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Twitter: “Our aspirations to democratize and build a multidimensional prosperous & peaceful country for all will be enhanced through […]

Through Eritrea, China Quietly Makes Inroads Near the Red Sea

The Diplomat | China is finding an eager partner in Eritrea, an autocratic state generally overlooked entirely by world powers. As Iran continues to dominate headlines across the Western world, China’s far quieter quest to influence Africa and Asia has escaped the news media’s attention of late. The many examples of this Chinese strategy include […]

How War in Ethiopia Impacts Red Sea and Horn of Africa Power Politics: The Battle in Tigray and Beyond

Terrorism Monitor | Michael Horton Ethiopia is a key prize in the scramble for influence and power in the Horn of Africa and broader Red Sea region. With its natural resources, population of 110 million, and well-equipped military, Ethiopia has become an African power. The nation’s capital, Addis Ababa, moreover, hosts the African Union headquarters, and […]

UAE: The scramble for the Horn of Africa

MEMO | The United Arab Emirates is waging a war for influence over the Horn of Africa. Since the 2011 Arab Spring the United Arab Emirates has been taking an active role in a number of hotspots from Egypt, Libya to Yemen. The Gulf nation has spent $26 billion annually on its defence budget since […]