USAID Pauses Tigray Food Aid Amid Diversion Concerns

Following the UN World Food Programme’s (WFP) announcement of aid suspension to Ethiopia’s Tigray region, USAID has also temporarily halted its food assistance.

The decision comes after discovering aid being diverted and sold on local markets.

The statement by administrator Samantha Power says:

USAID uncovered that food aid, intended for the people of Tigray suffering under famine-like conditions, was being diverted and sold on the local market.

As the largest humanitarian donor to Ethiopia, the United States affirms its committment to the Ethiopian people, but has initiated a thorough review and investigation to ensure aid reaches its intended recipients.

Although food aid is paused, other vital assistance, such as nutritional supplements, safe drinking water, and agricultural support, will continue.

USAID is working closely with Ethiopian federal and regional authorities to identify those responsible and implement stronger oversight measures, the statement highlights.

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