A humanitarian disaster stares Ethiopia’s Tigray in the face

Hunger stalks region of six million people as federal government’s offensive against rebels enters its fourth month Over a million people could starve if aid is not allowed into conflict zone, says Famine Early Warning Systems Network Arab News | DUBAI: With their few hurriedly packed belongings wrapped tightly in fabric, entire families, many with […]

Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict and the battle to control information

Al Jazeera | Warnings about deterioration of press freedom as independent journalists endure harassment, denied access to embattled northern region The eruption of fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region 100 days ago has pitted journalists wanting to report on the conflict against a government seeking to maintain total narrative control. The government-imposed lockdown of the northern […]

Finding a Path to Peace in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region War has devastated Ethiopia’s northernmost region.

International Crisis Group | Pending comprehensive national dialogue, Addis Ababa should ease Tigray’s immediate predicament, engaging elements of the authorities it unseated to govern the area and ensure that aid reaches the millions in need. What’s new? After weeks of fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, federal troops removed the regional government and declared victory. Yet […]

Ethiopia’s secret war in Tigray region: Ethnic killings, rapes, near-starvation reported

Fox News | If the fighting doesn’t end soon, an American woman with family in the region said, “we’ll be left without families” Many women have “conclusively and without a doubt” been raped in the Tigray region, home to Ethiopia’s secretive conflict – which may have left tens of thousands of civilians dead – the […]

When black lives don’t seem to matter

The Spectator | A man is filmed dying under a policeman’s knee in Minneapolis. Riots break out, statues are toppled and the Western world erupts with civil unrest. More than 50,000 people are massacred, tortured and raped, leaving orphaned children to forage for food and find their drinking water in puddles. Some of it is […]

Ethiopia Confirms Rapes ‘Without a Doubt’ in Tigray Conflict – AP

Associated Press | CARA ANNA | A senior Ethiopian official says rape has occurred “conclusively and without a doubt” in the country’s embattled Tigray region. NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Rape has occurred “conclusively and without a doubt” in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region, the country’s minister for women said in a rare government acknowledgement of the […]

Ethiopia confirms widespread rape in conflict-hit north

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Scores of women have been raped in Ethiopia’s northerly Tigray region, authorities have confirmed, in the chaotic aftermath of an armed conflict last year that ousted the local ruling party. “We have received the report back from our Taskforce team on the ground in the Tigray region, they have unfortunately established rape […]

Ethiopia: ‘Incomplete but troubling picture’ reveals impact of Tigray crisis on children

UN | Humanitarians are learning more about the dire situation of children in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where fighting continues between Government troops and regional forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  As more supplies and emergency personnel reach the area, “an incomplete but troubling picture” is emerging which reveals children are experiencing severe and […]

The tragedy of Ethiopia’s conflict in Tigray

Financial Times | Only a national dialogue can truly heal the country’s divisions Three months after Ethiopian troops started fighting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, the Tigray region is in desperate straits. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced and many face hunger or even starvation. It is a distressing echo of 1984, when food […]