“Take up arms to wage jihad” against Ethiopia, al Shabaab spokesperson

A few days after the publication of the weekly update by Critical Threats (CT) on January 4, news began circulating about a UN helicopter being captured by al-Shabaab. The update warned that the tension between Ethiopia and Somalia, created by the port deal, may energize al-Shabaab: “the port deal has severely strained Somali-Ethiopian relations and […]

Iran denies plotting to attack UAE embassy in Ethiopia

MEMO | Iran has categorically rejected the allegation contained in a New York Times report that it is planning to attack the UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa. The denial was issued by the Iranian Embassy in the Ethiopian capital. “Neither Ethiopia nor the United Arab Emirates have spoken about Iran’s involvement in these issues,” said […]

Ethiopia Thwarts Iranian Plot to Attack UAE Embassy

Source | Iran is seeking to “activate sleeper cells” in Africa in order to attack “soft targets” in an attempt to avenge the killing of top commander Qassem Soleimani in a US drone strike and its top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in 2020, reported The New York Times. When Ethiopia’s intelligence agency recently uncovered a […]

Ethiopia arrests 15 over UAE embassy attack plot: Reports

Al Jazeera | The country’s intelligence and security service said suspects were working on direction of foreigners, local media report. Ethiopia’s state-run media have said authorities arrested 15 people over a plot to attack the United Arab Emirates’ embassy in the capital, Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) on Wednesday cited a statement from […]

Ethiopian politician facing terror trial goes on hunger strike

AFP | A prominent Ethiopian opposition politician charged last year with terrorism faces “permanent health problems” after going on hunger strike for more than a week, his lawyer told AFP Friday. Jawar Mohammed, a member of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress, is one of around 20 suspects facing trial for terrorism and other offences in […]

Militants Storm Hotel in Somali Capital and Blasts Rock Area

NYT | The authorities said there were reports of at least two dead and 11 injured at the Afrik Hotel. A militant group, the Shabab, was believed to be behind the attack. NAIROBI, Kenya — Militants with the extremist group al-Shabab stormed a major hotel in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, on Sunday evening, the authorities said, […]

How War in Ethiopia Impacts Red Sea and Horn of Africa Power Politics: The Battle in Tigray and Beyond

Terrorism Monitor | Michael Horton Ethiopia is a key prize in the scramble for influence and power in the Horn of Africa and broader Red Sea region. With its natural resources, population of 110 million, and well-equipped military, Ethiopia has become an African power. The nation’s capital, Addis Ababa, moreover, hosts the African Union headquarters, and […]

U.S. Withdrawal from Somalia — SOF

Source: SOF News | John Friberg U.S. Africa Command has announced the formation of Joint Task Force Quartz to oversee Operation Octave Quartz – a mission designated to reposition forces from Somalia and continue the assistance effort in Somalia. In early December President Trump and the Department of Defense announced that the United States would […]

Will Somalia Be Collateral Damage of Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict?

Source: World Politics Review | Peter Kirechu In November, as the Ethiopian government escalated its military campaign against the northern Tigray region, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed quietly ordered a drawdown of Ethiopian peacekeepers from neighboring Somalia. The scale of the move is still unconfirmed, but as many as 3,000 Ethiopian troops were reportedly redeployed to fight against […]

Trump’s Withdrawal From Somalia Is a Security Threat. Biden Should Reverse It

Source: Foreign Policy | Abdi Yusuf U.S. troops are scheduled to leave the country on Jan. 15, opening the door for al-Shabab terrorists to step up their attacks. The new administration should recommit to protecting the country. Years of hard-fought gains to stabilize Somalia and defeat the al-Shabab terrorist group are now endangered by President […]