Sudan summons home envoy to Ethiopia amid border dispute

CAIRO (AP) — Sudan has summoned its envoy to Ethiopia home for consultations amid a growing border dispute that has seen military buildup along the two countries’ border in recent weeks, an official said Wednesday. Sudan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mansour Boulad did not provide more information about why Ambassador Gamal al-Sheikh was called home. On […]

‘Ethiopia to welcome mediation of Turkey with Sudan’

Anadolu Agency | ‘War is not an agenda. If mediation is offered by Turkey, Ethiopia will appreciate it,’ says Foreign Ministry spokesperson ANKARA If offered, Ethiopia would appreciate the Turkish government’s mediation on the recent border conflict with Sudan, said the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Tuesday. In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Ambassador […]

Ethiopia hires lobbying help amid dual threats from Egypt, human rights critics

Foreign Lobby | Ethiopia has hired a new lobbying firm for outreach to Congress and the Joe Biden administration as the country battles a diplomatic crisis with Egypt and ethnic strife at home. The Ethiopian Embassy in Washington signed a $35,000-per-month contract with DC-based law firm Venable on Feb. 1. The contract is for an initial three months but can […]

Finding a Path to Peace in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region War has devastated Ethiopia’s northernmost region.

International Crisis Group | Pending comprehensive national dialogue, Addis Ababa should ease Tigray’s immediate predicament, engaging elements of the authorities it unseated to govern the area and ensure that aid reaches the millions in need. What’s new? After weeks of fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, federal troops removed the regional government and declared victory. Yet […]

Why is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam contentious?

The Economist | The project has been a source of disputes in north-east Africa for a decade DAMS HAVE several uses. They generate electricity, store water for crop irrigation and help to prevent floods. They can also cause dispute and heartache—for example, over damage to the environment or the displacement of people whose homes are […]

Security agents killed in central Somalia roadside bomb attack

Al Jazeera | Police say Abdirashid Abdunur, intelligence chief for Dhusamareeb town, was killed in the blast claimed by al-Shabab. A roadside bomb went off just outside the central Somalia town of Dhusamareeb on Sunday, killing 12 agents working for the National Intelligence and Security Agency, police said. Those killed included Abdirashid Abdunur, the head […]

Somalia’s opposition cease recognising president as election row escalates

MOGADISHU (Reuters) – An alliance of Somali opposition parties proposed the creation of a national council of lawmakers, opposition leaders and civil society to govern the Horn of Africa nation after the president’s term expired on Monday with no clear succession plan. The power vacuum and divisions between political leaders was a boost to the […]

From Ethiopia’s Tigray region to Yemen, the dilemma of declaring a famine

BBC | Every day, more and more reports of starvation trickle out of the Tigray region of Ethiopia that has been hit by conflict. On Wednesday, Mark Lowcock, chief of humanitarian affairs at the United Nations, warned of a deteriorating humanitarian crisis in which aid still wasn’t reaching many affected people. Earlier in the week, […]

As Ethiopia fills its Nile dam, regional rivalries overflow

The Christian Monitor | When African Union-mediated talks between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan over a Nile River dam broke down yet again last month, it didn’t mark a new disagreement over sharing vital water resources. Rather, it was a case of regional rivalries trumping understandings about science and cooperation that have been laid out by […]

Rising tension as Ethiopia and Sudan deadlocked on border dispute

Al Jazeera | Bickering over contested farmland along the border has in recent weeks deteriorated into armed clashes. Age-old territorial claims are threatening to embroil Ethiopia and Sudan into armed conflict, as bickering over disputed strips of farmland in recent weeks has boiled over into the most serious escalation of border tensions in years. The […]