Sudan Responds with Force to Border Attack from Ethiopia

Asharq Al-Awsat | The Sudanese military responded with artillery fire to an attack from Ethiopia against its forces deployed on a share border region with its neighbor. Ethiopian forces struck the Jabal Abutiour border region on Sunday. The area is controlled by Sudan. No casualties were reported. Amid the clashes, a military delegation, headed by chief […]

Sudan calls on Ethiopia to close GERD deal

Sudanese Minister of Culture and Information Faisal Saleh has expressed concern over the second filling of Ethiopia’s Great Renaissance Dam (GERD), Al-Arabiya news reported . The dam cannot be brought into operation until Cairo, Khartoum and Addis Ababa reach a binding agreement, he said. This is a legally confirmed document that will allow three parties to regulate the water […]

‘Egypt working to destabilize Ethiopia, East Africa’ — Ethiopia

Anadolu Agency | Ethiopian diplomat says Cairo trying to weaken Ethiopia and volatile Horn of Africa region ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The Egyptian government has been stepping up its long-standing policy of destabilizing and weakening Ethiopia by “providing full support to anti-peace elements” and pitting neighbors against it, according to a top Ethiopian diplomat. The […]

Egypt may attack Ethiopia by force, all because of a dam

Tencent QQ | Negotiations between the three African countries broke down, Egypt may attack Ethiopia by force, all because of a dam What is the most important thing in the world? Except for air, it is water. People can survive without eating for seven days, but if they don’t drink water for three days, they may be thirst […]

Is Egypt behind Sudanese escalation on border with Ethiopia

Source: Al-Monitor | Khalid Hassan With the intensifying border conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia and the success of the Sudanese army in controlling the border areas where Ethiopian farmers have been living for decades, Ethiopia has been hurling accusations of a third party planning, funding and executing the recent confrontations on the border between the […]

Britain understands Sudan’s position on Ethiopia dam negotiations, says ambassador

MEMO | The UK Ambassador to Sudan, Irfan Siddiq, said on Tuesday that his country understands Sudan’s position on the negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Anadolu News Agency reported. Mr. Siddiq added during a meeting in Khartoum with the Sudanese Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Dr Yasir Mohamed, that London would support the dam negotiations […]

Sudan blames Ethiopia for civilian deaths amid fears of new conflict

Source: The National News Relations between the two governments, which both field substantial armed forces, are rapidly worsening. Sudan says government-backed Ethiopian militiamen killed five women and a child during a raid just inside its territory, further fuelling tension in the border region. On Wednesday, Sudan warned of “dangerous consequences” for bilateral relations after an Ethiopian […]

Sudan says Ethiopian military plane crossed its border

Ethiopia denies Sudan’s claim, which it said was a ‘dangerous escalation’ in the border dispute between both sides. Sudan says an Ethiopian military aircraft entered its airspace in “a dangerous escalation” to a border dispute that has seen deadly clashes in recent weeks. “In a dangerous and unjustified escalation, an Ethiopian military aircraft penetrated the […]

Talks Over Ethiopia’s GERD Reached A Deadlock

Talks Over Ethiopia’s Nile Dam Hit Another Deadlock, Egypt Says Bloomberg Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia failed to agree on the way forward for talks on Ethiopia’s giant dam on a Nile River tributary, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The matter is being referred back to the chairman of the African Union, which is […]

05/01/2021 News and Commentary

Ethiopia in Crisis Ethiopia’s total debt reached 51% of its GDP Ethiopia’s total domestic and foreign debt has reached 54.7 billion US Dollar (2.01 trillion birr)  (50.8 percent of the country’s GDP), according to a recent government debt statement. Source: Reporter  Desert outbreak in Ethiopia caused 356, 286 metric tonnes of cereal loss In a […]