Scholz to Visit Ethiopia & Kenya, EU Grants €25M Aid to Both Nations, US Commends Ethiopian Peace Progress


Ethiopia and Kenya Key in Global Influence Race as US-China Rivalry Escalates

Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz embarks on a visit to Ethiopia and Kenya this week, focusing on hunger and climate change, economic cooperation, and conflict management. He will meet with government representatives and visit the African Union.

Scholz’s visit to Kenya and Ethiopia highlights  the ongoing global contest for influence , as nations like the US and Germany aim to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

As part of this struggle, Scholz has focused on reaching out to important swing states in the “Global South.”

The rivalry between the US and China, along with the impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine, has led to a fragmentation of the world, with each side and its allies attempting to sway non-aligned states and control the narrative.

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EU Provides €25M in Humanitarian Aid to Ethiopia and Kenya

The European Commission announced €22 million in humanitarian aid for Ethiopia and €3 million for Kenya to address conflict, displacement, drought, and health issues.

This funding will help combat food insecurity and malnutrition, provide primary healthcare, access to water and sanitation, hygiene services, and educational opportunities for children in crisis.

The total EU humanitarian funding for 2023 now stands at €82.5 million for Ethiopia and €15.5 million for Kenya.

Ethiopia faces massive humanitarian needs, while Kenya is severely affected by the Horn of Africa’s catastrophic drought.

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US Commends Progress on 6-Month Anniversary of Ethiopia’s Cessation of Hostilities Agreement

Six months after the signing of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (COHA) between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the US applauds the significant progress in implementing the agreement.

The process has led to restored essential services, flow of humanitarian aid, turnover of heavy weapons, release of detainees, and the establishment of an interim regional administration in Tigray.

The US urges further follow-through, including civilian protection, disarmament, and accountability for human rights violations:

A credible transitional justice process, including accountability for those responsible for human rights violations & abuses, will be key to achieving sustainable peace in Ethiopia.

The success in northern Ethiopia highlights the potential for peace in the Oromia Region as well.

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