Ethiopian scientist has introduced new liquid fertilizer


A scientist and lecturer at Mekelle Univerisity veterinary college, Tinsay Woldegebriel, has introduced new organic liquid fertilizer. The fertilizer, according to Tinsay, can be prepared easily using locally available inputs, such as animal waste and manures and has enormous economic and environmental benefits.  

Organic liquid fertiliser

A liquid fertilizer has been introduced by an Ethiopian scientist at Mekelle University Veterinary College lecturer, Tinsay Weldegebriel. The newly discovered liquid fertilizer can be utilized to grow plants without soil and water.

According to him, the organic fertilizer can be produced from easily available inputs like manures and animal waste. The organic fertilizer has the potential to save the country’s bill spent on importing fertilizers. “One liter liquid fertilizer he produces can be diluted by 240 liters of water, while one liter of the diluted liquid fertilizer can grow up to 60 kilograms of grass,” Tinsay Weldegebriel said speaking to the state broadcaster ETV.

He is using hydrophone technology while making one liter of his liquid fertilizer. It allows growing 10 to 11 kilograms of plant from one kilogram of seed. He claimed that using his liquid fertilizer the grasses grow faster than the normal time to grow on land consuming water. In addition, the scientist has been producing different pesticides, anti-fungus and bacteria products in his small laboratory.

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