Michigan Farmers Embrace Ancient Grain Teff and Diversify Amid Rising Costs

Michigan farmers are exploring alternative crops and value-added products to cope with rising business costs.

According to an article in MLive, the farmers found success with teff, an ancient grain from Ethiopian and Eritrea, which they use in their granola product.

The shift is part of a trend where Michigan farmers are focusing on value-added products, farmers’ market sales, and agritourism to cope with rising business costs.

Teff is an ancient grain native to Ethiopia and Eritrea, serving as the staple ingredient in their cuisines. This grain is ground into flour and used to make traditional injera, a flat, pancake-like fermented bread that pairs well with their unique spices.

As a small, gluten-free grain, teff boasts numerous health benefits and has been cultivated in Ethiopia and Eritrea for thousands of years, where it is believed to have originated.

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