Geology Professor Warns of Potential Earthquakes Near High Dam and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Cairo University Geology Professor Abbas Sharaki has warned of the possibility of two more earthquakes occurring near Egypt’s High Dam and Ethiopia’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam after a 4.4 magnitude quake hit Ethiopia on May 8, 2023. While the current quakes may not have significant impacts, Sharaki cautions that stronger earthquakes in the future could cause more significant consequences as the water reserve in the lake increases to 74 billion cubic meters.

According to Sharaki, the East African Rift Zone, which splits Ethiopia, is the region of Africa most vulnerable to earthquakes and volcanic activity. There is no link between the two earthquakes since they are in different geological environments. The southern region of Egypt is geologically stable, with minor seismic activity, while the Ethiopian region contains the East African Rift, basaltic volcanic mountains, and major faults, resulting in frequent seismic and volcanic activity.

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